I In this heartfelt episode, I share my journey of rediscovery and personal growth amidst indecision and fear. Reflecting on the profound impact of my father’s unexpected passing, I delve into the importance of embracing our purpose and the power of being over having. I emphasize the value of genuine connection, community, and using one’s […]

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July 10, 2024

Episode 325: This Episode is Long Overdue

Five years ago I painfully parted ways with a company I was a sales rep for. It was a beauty company that had transitioned to network marketing. It was by far one of the most devastating things I’ve ever been through. Not just the lost income, but the lost relationships and sense of my own […]


July 5, 2024

Here we go…AGAIN?

I have NEVER seen an Audible sale like this one!Β  We’re talking under $1 on some of the best titles by well known authors. I personally have a library of 138 titles which I’ve built up over the past eight years. Audio books are the BEST way for me to learn, keep my brain active […]


June 15, 2024

HUGE Audible Book Sale: My FAVORITE Books Every Entrepreneur needs!

I had the most fun conversation with Mel from Toy Testing sisters learning all about she and her sister Mandy have built a successful affiliate brand online! Mel shares how they started by posting about toys they genuinely liked and soon attracted a loyal following. While the dream was to grow a Balancing their roles […]

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February 21, 2024

Episode 324: She Builds a Toy Testing Brand with Mel Craig

Toy Testing Sisters Podcast episode