Hey Lovely, I'm Kirsten Tyrrel - business strategist and marketing master

Ok. Now that you are here, we need to have a little chat. I know what you are looking for. And if I don't, then this is going to be really awkward.

You want more. You want to have it all - and in having it all, you want to create something special so that you can use it to help provide opportunities for your family. And, maybe you have been doing this for a while, and it's not what you had planned. I hear ya.  But before I dive in, let me share a little bit about me!

I'm Kirsten Tyrrel- wife of 1, mom of 3, serial side hustler and travel addict. 

I've been passionate about speaking to women like you for a handful of years now, and I do that on my favorite platform- my podcast. 

I know we're living in a world full of noise and that we can be our own WORST enemy. I know I've been led to help you tap into the goodness and the strength that you have been innately blessed with, and I'm here to help you see your boundless potential! 

It's not about trying to change you or make you better. We have enough of that, don't you think? It's about shutting off the ongoing monologue that tells you that you aren't already an amazing being- as you ARE. 

It's time to step into your MARVELOUS and to be the best woman and person you were put on this earth to be! 

I've lived in the shadows of self doubt and fear of what I am capable of creating in this world. I'm here to wake you up and help you remember, or discover for the first time, how immensely marvelous you are!

I'm here to help you achieve YOUR dreams on YOUR terms.

Check out my programs and trainings to apply all that power into your hustle to help you build a business you're obsessed with

CREATe authentic connections with amazing women working towards the same goals. Let's be facebook or instagram buddies! 

Listen to the Marvelous podcast with weekly episodes designed to help you step into YOUR power! 

These aren't your run of the mill trainings... I'm a really fun teacher, in my not so humble opinion :) 

I hang out on both platforms and love people- like a lot.

Podcasting is kind of my thing...