I'm Kirsten Tyrrel

I help mompreneurs build their businesses while nurturing their families! I believe in sharing your gifts and talents and fulfilling your own dreams while staying in integrity to your role as a mother. 

I help women stay in their lane and work towards the goals that make sense for their lives and families, while making an impact in their space! 

About Me

I started my first business in the living room of my two bedroom subsidized apartment. I've grown multiple six and seven figure online businesses in
 e-commerce, online education and sales. 

After climbing to the top of the ladder many women strive for, I've learned some powerful lessons I want to pass on to strengthen the next generation of mom entrepreneurs! 

7 things you should know
about me...

Marvelous Mompreneur

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Are you building a business while nurturing a growing family? Welcome to the club! I started this show to connect with fellow mompreneurs who are crushing it at both. Get the best tips and advice from moms just like you who are in it to win it! 

Where Marketing, Motherhood and Mindset meet! 

Grow and scale your business-WITHOUT the hustle.