Which type of quiz is best for your biz? 

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I'm Kirsten Tyrrel

I help online business owners grow their lists and amplify their sales with online quizzes.

Here's how

quizzes can take your marketing list 
 from mediocre to magical

It’s 2022, and the old ways of Growing and nurturing a marketing list just won’t cut it. 

You need fresh and creative ways to build your list

To rise above the average, you need to do what nobody else is doing. 

Quizzes are one of the most effective ways to not only build your list, but increase your open rates, maximize sales and build more meaningful connections with your audience. 

selling should be fun for yor customers- AND for you!

List building is part of the game. But it doesn't have to be the icky awkward start to your relationship with your customers.

You can start the conversation on the right foot and let them guide their own customer journey with a quiz!

the "buy" doesn't have to take weeks or months!

Building trust and connection with your audience doesn't have to take years. 

You can communicate on a much more personal level with your people, using the insight you gain from your quiz to guide them to the exact products that are best suited for them!




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If you're growing an online business, here are the facts:

What type of Quiz is BEST for YOUR Biz?


See what I did there?  

About Me

It all began in 2015 when I realized the massive potential the internet had for building my own business.

 From podcasting, to sales and finally marketing I discovered my "always chats in class" report cards were actually gifts that enabled me to help others communicate and develop fun and unique marketing strategies.

Fast forward six years, I've built multiple six and seven figure businesses doing what I LOVE!

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