I'm Kirsten Tyrrel

I help female entrepreneurs master the art of affiliate marketing and digital sales so they can conquer their businesses while maintaining a life! I'm a homeschool mom, a travel enthusiast and I'm all about out-dreaming yourself and pushing the limits of what is possible! 

About Me

I started my first business in the living room of my two bedroom subsidized apartment. I've grown multiple online businesses in e-commerce, online education and sales. 

I've led thousands of women towards the fulfillment of their dreams and I'm not afraid of a challenge! 

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My podcast launched me head first into the world of entrepreneurship! Starting in my two bedroom apartment in 2015 I set out to share stories of courage, inspiration and what it means to be- MARVELOUS.

I've lived with self doubt and fear of what I am capable of creating in this world. I'm here to wake you up and help you remember, or discover for the first time, how immensely marvelous you are!