I'm Kirsten Tyrrel

Leader, Podcaster and the Queen of Motivation. I'm a master educator and love passing on allllll my knowledge. I help female entrepreneurs build prosperity from the inside out and escape hustle culture to create businesses that create lasting impact.

About Me? 

I went from passionate go-getter to millionaire mama in under 3 years. I told the world I was going to prove that anyone- under any circumstances- could be as successful as they wanted to be. 

 I'm still working every day to show women that it's not only possible, it's a lot easier than they think, and SO much fun! 

7 things you should know
about me...

I coach high performers and big dreamers to achieve their goals with strategy and soul! 



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My podcast launched me head first into the world of entrepreneurship! Starting in my two bedroom apartment in 2015 I set out to share stories of courage, inspiration and what it means to be- MARVELOUS.

I've lived with self doubt and fear of what I am capable of creating in this world. I'm here to wake you up and help you remember, or discover for the first time, how immensely marvelous you are!