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Ready to get hot leads and sales on autopilot with an online quiz?

Well it's a good thing you're here, let's get it done in as little as a day, shall we?


Your EMAIL list is one of the most valuable assets in your business.

In fact- it's PRICELESS.

But only if you know how to build an engaged list of HOT leads that are positioned to purchase! 

Quizzes are one of the most effective ways to grow your list, increase your open rates and boost your sales.  

But you need the perfect quiz built by an expert who can get it done fast.

Your quiz needs these
Four things:

Offer Based Objective

Copy that Connects

Curiosity and Desire

Results that Resonate

Without these four components, your quiz will be as valuable as those "What type of fruit are you?" quizzes. And those aren't helping anyone do anything.

Anyone can create an online quiz.  There are hundreds of templates and guides on how to get it done.

But between crafting a quiz people actually want to take  and coming up with a strategy that will lead to a highly engaged list that actually converts?

That's a whole thing- it requires a strategic approach that takes into consideration your offers+ audience details to craft a quiz that truly connects.

Except maybe induce a hankering for an apple...

This is why I created the Quiz in a Day VIP experience where I work with you to build a fun, engaging quiz  that will attract your ideal buyers-ALL IN A FEW HOURS!


We spend half a day together, planning the perfect quiz for your biz. The goal is to carefully craft a quiz that fits perfectly with your offers and customer journey, which will contribute to higher open rates and engagement-and ultimately- SALES. 

After we create the quiz vision, I get to work. I set up everything from questions and answers to unique results types that will speak to the souls of your audience and direct them right to the products and offers that are best suited for them. I’ll get you set up inside my favorite quiz platform, Interact*- and cover it all,  from branding to tech and everything in between! 

Working with Kirsten was the best decision we ever made! Not only is she a marketing genius, but she made the process so fun it didn’t even feel like work! We laughed our way through the quiz creation process and had so much fun getting to know each other and defining our ideal customers. 

We came in with some ideas and she totally heard us out, but made them 10 times better. She is a great listener, but always puts her own personal spin on things with her fantastic writing skills and creative mind! She’s truly amazing at what she does! If you’re thinking about hiring her to help with quiz creation or anything marketing don’t hesitate, she’s your girl! 

take it from my amazing clients:

Ashlie + Kim
Bliss Boutique

Collaborating with her was equal parts inspiring and mesmerizing, as she left me wondering how she understands my clients as well as I do. 

Her ability to write copy that makes the reader feel like they are understood while compelling them to engage is nothing short of magical. 

Kirsten is dedicated to her customers and never stops short of perfection. If you are looking for a new way to generate leads and have been intrigued by quizzes, I highly recommend partnering with Kirsten as she will deliver a product that you will be proud to call your own."

Self-made u

"Kirsten does incredible work when it comes to creating THE PERFECT quiz. 

You want highly qualified leads, and you want the peace of mind in knowing your quiz has been built effectively.

You are far enough along in your business to know that time=money. And you've got a lot on your plate as the C.E.O.!

The Quiz in a Day VIP option is ideal for busy and growing entrepreneurs who want a custom quiz in one day, so they can start capturing their ideal leads faster. And the faster the quiz gets built, the faster it can start converting! 

I also include these special bonuses for all my VIP clients: 

30 Day Support

We do the bulk of the work on VIP day and in the week after, but I won’t disappear into a puff of smoke! I’ll be available to help you make any desired changes or updates, and fine tune your quiz, evaluate your initial results and help you optimize the quiz to ensure highest results. 

Omnipresent ad strategy

Email Funnel templates 

Your quiz is only as good as your follow-up, and I’m including an email map to help you build out a robust high-converting sequence that will ensure you turn those new leads into buyers! 

Want to close even more sales and book more clients from your quiz? You'll get access to my omnipresent ad strategy to help you set up retargeting ads catered to your quiz results. Watch conversions soar! 

The Quiz in a Day VIP Experience was created for growing entrepreneurs to enhance their lead generation and sales journey.

I only work with experts who have a product to offer on the back end of their lead generation, and who are willing to think outside the box when it comes to connecting with their audiences! 

Apply now to see if you qualify for the Quiz in a Day VIP Experience!

If your application is accepted we will schedule a strategy call to identify the ideal quiz approach for your business. There will be a brief intake process to ensure we are able to capitalize on the time we have within the VIP day, then it’s off to the races! 

I can’t wait to help you automate your sales and  grow your list with a quiz! 

*The cost of the Quiz VIP day does not include software or program costs such as the cost of the Interact Quiz Software or any other automation programs required. This is an additional expense that should be anticipated as part of the quiz funnel. My clients receive special pricing on quiz software as a bonus.