Clean living
at it's finest...

You're ready to start cleaning up your food, your home and even your mind...but where do you start? 

Cleaning up and moving into a more organic or natural lifestyle doesn't have to require hair pulling or anxiety attacks.

With a few little changes over time, you can create marginal gains that add up to BIG results! 

My favorite Resources

Azure Standard Bulk Food ordering

Azure Standard is a bulk ordering food co-op that allows you to get high quality groceries at affordable prices! 

My favorite items to stock up on are organic Kamut grain, Organic rolled oats, Organic Spelt, Organic dried beans, Organic Jasmine Rice and other organic flours and legumes! 

They have affordable 5 gallon buckets and gamma lids for storage that you don't want to forget to add to your order! 


Each month you build an order of items you want to stock up on or use. They have a combination of pantry items as well as frozen and refrigerated items. Check to see if there is a drop off location near you, and select the most convenient spot!

You will not be charged shipping, but will be charged for the truck space and weight your items occupy.

This makes it MUCH cheaper than ordering and receiving delivery to your door! 

Don't see a drop-off near you? Start your own! 

Create my first order

Create my first order

**Full disclosure: Azure has an affiliate program where I get some food credit if you choose to order with my link! I started ordering before I promoted and really do LOVE this stuff! 

Force of Nature

Cleaning up my actual cleaning routine was the FIRST place I started. Before organic food, I introduced some great and simple alternatives to things we were already doing. 

One of my favorites is the Force of Nature cleaning solution. I had tried accumulating all the organic and clean options from the store, but when it came right down to it- simplicity (and science) won me over. Now instead of a cupboard filled with various cleaning liquids, I have ONE thing that does it all. 


The Force of Nature cleaning system is not only effective but it'll totally feel like a science experiment every time you use it! The short answer is- this little device creates a chemical similar to bleach (has all the same power) without the dangers bleach carries with it. A perfect combo of salt+vinegar, water and electricity creates a cleaning miracle  for the masses. 

You can make a bottle and use it for two weeks. We use this stuff for everything from cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms and pet stains to sanitizing our toothbrushes and toys. It's next level. It's a force to be reckoned with. And it's a must have that will save you SO much money and time!  

Get Force of Nature

Get Force of Nature


**Full disclosure: Force of Nature  has an affiliate program where I earn $$$  if you choose to order with my link! I started ordering before I promoted and really do LOVE this tool!