It's time to get that podcast started! 

You're ready to share a powerful message! 

Let me be honest, you'd be crazy not to start your own podcast. You are ready for growth and expansion and you know that you can reach more people through this powerful medium! 

The average podcast listener subscribes to at least 7 shows, so if you are worried about this space being crowded, I can assure you it's not!  There are people waiting to find a show just like yours and listen in with devotion to what you have to offer! 

Podcasting is a way for you to reach a new audience and connect with your existing one. It doesn't have to be time consuming or complicated, in fact it is a simple way to take the content you are already creating and share it out on a platform that is highly engaging and profitable. 

Hey new friend!

I'm Kirsten Tyrrel

I'm a serial podcaster, mom of 3 and BIG dreamer. I've been sharing my life and growing my business through my chart topping podcast- Marvelous with Kirsten Tyrrel. 

With half a million downloads and over 200 interviews, I have gone from newbie with zero platform,  to a 7 figure earner with massive reach online! 

My podcast enabled me to build multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses and opened doors for me that never would have opened otherwise. Sound amazing? It is...

I want to help you learn how to use your voice to create massive impact in your business!

Can you imagine... topping the podcast charts and gaining the attention of your ideal customers


Having instant authority and networking with some of the largest names in your industry?
I did it, and you can too... 

I'm IN! Start my Podcast!

-What equipment do I need?

-What's the best way to publish my show?

-How do I record with other people?

- can I actually make money podcasting? 

Most of the popular questions people have are: 

Those are great questions... and I've got answers for you!


Create and launch your podcast in as little as a week! 

I'm so excited to teach you...

"Kirsten’s podcast course was just what I needed! I was feeling overwhelmed and lost but her course took me step by step and showed me exactly what to do. It saved me so much time and guess work."

- Michelle, Waiting Warriors Podcast

Section 1: Show Creation

Before you even hit that record button, I'll help you get super clear on the purpose and style of your show!

We'll cover: 

- The Name Game- Naming your show with easy and style

- Mastering Your Message: Identify exactly what you'll share on your show

-Audience Finder: Identify exactly who will be hitting "subscribe"


Section 2: Let's get Technical

Feel like all that techy stuff is the one thing in the way of your fabulous message and the millions of people who need to hear it? Don't sweat the tech stuff- I've got you covered!

We'll go over: 

-Magic Mic Equipment Guide: No matter your budget I've got a solution to get you started! 

-Recording Essentials: Whether you are recording a solo episode or an interview, I'll show you my exact recording set-up.

Section 3: Ready, Set, AIR!

No idea how to take that amazing new podcast from your computer to the world? I'm going to guide you on publishing your show everywhere podcasts are listened to! 

We'll go over: 

-Publishing Perfection: Step-by-step guide to airing your show (and my super special hack to getting two months of hosting for free)

-iTunes Submission Guide: How to get your show on the biggest podcast platform on the internet! 


We're going next level to make sure you're all ready to dominate the podcast space! 

Check out these irresistible bonuses:

Picture Perfect Template:
Cover art has never been so easy! Choose from 10 different podcast cover templates and make it your own! 

Mix Magic:
Want to edit your episodes quick? I'll show you how to edit a stellar episode with Garage Band.

Show Notes Creator:
Your show needs amazing show notes to dominate S.E.O. and entice your audience to tune in to your episodes! I'll show you my fool-proof show notes creation template and process! 

The Name Game (Value $47)

Magic Mic Equipment Guide (Value $17)

Software Solution (Value $37)

Mastering YOur Message 
(Value $97)

Publishing Perfection Guide (Value $47)

BONUS: Enchanting Show Notes
(Value $47)

BONUS: Mix Magic (Value $97)

BONUS: Picture Perfect Podcast Cover Template (Value $47)






Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't have an idea for a show? 

No problem! I'll help you get clear on what you share and who you need to speak directly to when recording your podcast. I'll even help you name the show! 

How quickly will I be able to get my podcast created? 

No problem! I'll help you get clear on what you share and who you need to speak directly to when recording your podcast. I'll even help you name the show! 

You can get a podcast created in as little as a week! You can move at your own pace but I break it down into such simple steps you'll have everything you need to get that show launched- FAST. 

Do you have a guarantee? 

I don't believe in taking your money if I can't make an impact in your business, so if you're not satisfied for any reason, you can request a refund within 7 days! 

Will you show me how to get guests and market my show? 

You can snag my podcast guest templates at checkout for a fraction of their normal cost- the exact templates I used to book over 200 guests and streamline the recording process! You can also sign up for "Host with the Most" to get my marketing and promotion strategies!