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Things in our economy have changed drastically this year and you're probably looking for ways you can finally step into the online space to earn some moolah...

Hey new friend!

I'm Kirsten Tyrrel

I'm a serial podcaster, mom of 3 and BIG dreamer. I've been sharing my life and growing my business through my chart topping podcast- Marvelous with Kirsten Tyrrel. 

I have been in the digital offer space for nearly five years and in that time I have learned that there is nothing more powerful than monetizing what you KNOW.

I have generated over $20,000 from ONE mini offer in a matter of two months...

And I want to show you how to create  something MIGHTY! You in? 

Can you imagine earning $5k per month from an inexpensive digital offer? 

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"I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to get my audience to buy BIG courses. It wasn’t until being introduced to Mighty Mini Offers that I realized there was an easier better way. I've made thousands in the first month of having my mini offer!!!"
- Michelle Gifford 

Section 1: Offer Creation Formula

Think your offer needs to be complicated and fancy? Think again! I'm going to help you unlock all the potential offers you have right at your fingertips- right now!

I'll walk you through: 

-How to identify the skill or tool you can actually sell for $$$

-Identify your prime buyer and how to create a match made in online heaven!

What's inside?

Section 2: Perfect Pricing

Just because it's going to be mini doesn't mean you won't provide some mighty high value to your new customer! 

We'll go over: 

-Identifying the difference between price and value and how to give your customers the biggest bang for their buck!

-Creating a value stack that makes your offer irresistible!!!

Section 3: Mighty Digital

Whether you're a pro or a beginner with the digital world- I'll show you the platforms and programs available to help you host and sell your digital offers!

We'll go over: 

-Tools of the trade- what programs you can utilize for free when starting out! 

-The platforms I personally use for creating collateral for ads, digital offers and email campaigns! 


You're going to create a funnel so fast it'll freak your freak! 

Check out these irresistible bonusEs:

Bump it UP!

Learn the strategy behind adding an order bump to increase your profitability of your mini offer. One simple click will add to your income and add value for your customer! 

One time to WIN! 

Take your digital business to the next level- and help your customer level up in the process! I'll show you how to create a One Time Offer that will turn this mini offer into a mighty earner! 

Ok I'm in- how much is it? 

I have spent hours learning the strategy behind creating and selling mini offers- so I considered selling this for hundreds of dollars. But why not be meta and offer you insane value at a mini price? 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't have an idea for an offer? 

No problem! I'll help you get clear on what to offer and who you are going to be selling to! Whether you have a business or not- I'll show you how this mini offer can fit into your life! 

How quickly will I be able to get my offer created? 

You can get an offer created in as little as a week! You can move at your own pace but I break it down into such simple steps you'll have everything you need to get that offer launched- FAST. 

Do you have a guarantee? 

I don't believe in taking your money if I can't make an impact in your business, so if you're not satisfied for any reason, you can request a refund within 7 days! 

Will you show me how to sell my offer? 

I'm giving you a behind the scenes look at my Facebook ad account where I have successfully sold a mini offer to the tune of $20k. Short of doing it for you, I'm giving you everything you need to be successful!