Faith is not just a part of what I do, it is the fundamental driving force in everything. Every success and lesson learned in my business and life have been a gift from God. 


Listen in as I share the jewels of wisdom I have learned as I have studied the word of God in scripture and spoken by prophets, both ancient and modern day. 

Michael B. Rush was the first LDS scholar to accurately decipher the prophetic writings of Ezra now known as Ezra's Eagle. His original analysis has been studied by students of the scriptures in over 130 countries worldwide, and is included in his first book - A Remnant Shall Return first published in 2015. 

Michael and I discuss the current timeline as it pertains to the last days, and how three essential elements are required to evaluate the signs of the times we are now in. 

This episode is insightful, will open up doors and windows of heaven you didn't know existed and will strengthen your testimony in God's loving desire to provide the pathway for His children to be prepared for the return of the Savior.